After coming back from happy hour...

After coming back from happy hour, and I was happy, Eddie asked if I wanted to go grab French fries. Umm Yes! We walked to a little Irish bar in South Beach, Clarke's, and continued the quest for delicious fried potatoes.

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Eddie and I wanted to exemplify the epitome of sophistication, so we ordered French fries as an appetizer. The fries came out hot. The fries had a little skin on them. The fries had a little crunch. The fries we're the right texture. There wasn't anything negative about these fries. That's good, because the world is a happier place when we focus on the positive. I was a little disheartened when the fries we're gone, but a smile returned to my face when Eddie's meal arrived with more French fries to enjoy. He didn't have a choice. He had to share.

Our server let us know that these fries we're special because they make them fresh everyday.

So, these fries didn't come out of a large frozen food service bag. No siree! These fries we're the real deal. Ireland was one of the first European nations to recognize the potato as suitable food after it was brought over from South America, so the Irish don't mess around with their potatoes! As a matter of fact, this restaurant is so authentically Irish that the servers and bartenders even have accents. That was a welcome little tidbit of information Eddie shared with me. I guess I can't vouch for every person who works there because that was my first visit, but for the sake of the story, I will go out on a limb and make that assumption.

Ever since I started this French fry adventure, I have been pretty fortunate three restaurants and three batches of good fries. I hope this luck continues as I seek out restaurants that are serving a little love, a little hope and really good fries.

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