Fun and Easy DIY Wedding Gift Idea

I have two very good friends getting married this summer, and I attended their wedding showers this past weekend. Their homes are already pretty set up, so I wanted to get them something fun, something that I would like to receive for my own home.

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After scouring Pinterestfor wedding gift ideas, I finally decided to make them personalized door hangers. I'm terrible at making wreaths, so door hangers we're a fun alternative. Another friend of mine had the idea to do a welcome mat, or some other porch decor.

I headed to Hobby Lobby and bought my supplies for the craft, and then I headed to Target and found my welcome mat. While breezing through the outdoor section, I also found the cute little lanterns and couldn't pass them up!

Here are the supplies you'll need for the craft:



Wooden plaque


Hot glue




Paint a base coat on the plaque. It took my paint color several coats before I was satisfied with it.

Then, paint polka dots around the border, or another pattern you like. If you mess up, like I did, don't worry about it! You can paint over it with the other paint color.

Decide how you want to personalize it. Either the first initial of the new last name, the whole last name, Mr and Mrs, or whatever you prefer.

Once all the paint has dried completely, spray it with a sealer since it will be hanging on the door. Hot glue ribbon on the back to make a hanger and the burlap flower on the front. Then you are done!

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